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Why Opera?

Opera is the perfect art form for students to encounter music, drama, movement, literature, performance, design and theatre crafts simultaneously - the result of which is exceptionally powerful.

Why Performances for Schools?

Glyndebourne’s Performances for Schools introduce young people to opera from a world-class opera house and give students the opportunity to interact with this multifaceted art form and experience the exhilaration of watching a live performance.

By staging full productions for students, we work to demystify the art form and to nurture new audiences to both opera and Glyndebourne. Performances for Schools also provide an ideal opportunity for teachers seeking to develop students' exposure to the arts.

“The performance in the evening was outstandingly good: singing, acting, special effects, everything!”

- Head of Music, Southfield School

“The whole experience was magnificent from start to finish. We were so warmly welcomed on our arrival and the performance itself was outstanding – particularly the orchestra, who played with such sensitivity and musicality. Our students enjoyed their visit to Glyndebourne and have been inspired by both the music and the setting – I suspect for many this will be the beginning of a lifelong love of opera.”

- Director of Music, Marymount School

Teaching resources

Glyndebourne Education has launched an exciting online resource for pupils at Key Stage 2 and above. is an interactive introduction to opera.

Performances for Schools at Glyndebourne are supported by Arts Council England and the Clore Duffield Foundation. Performances for Schools at Stoke-on-Trent are supported by Arts Council England Lottery Funding.

Clore Duffield Foundation Art Council


We had a brilliant time and the performance was superb. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to attend the performance and to walk in the lovely grounds. The whole day was fantastic. I loved it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of taking 100 pupils to Glyndebourne. Although they didn't all enjoy it, it was a fantastic experience and most children were very positive about the experience, some being incredibly enthusiastic. The teaching pack was really good and hugely supported the children's understanding of the story. I was surprised that the place was packed and yet there was hardly an untoward sound.Thank you!

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