Competition - name Carol's sculpture

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Name this sculpture by Carol Peace

Background Information:

This piece is based on a smaller sculpture by the artist, entitled First Thing, currently on display in the Glyndebourne shop. The inspiration for this self-portrait derives from a sculpting workshop Carol attended in South America where she would begin each day with an early morning swim.

Carol’s statement:

“This sculpture is about new beginnings and the possibilities within us. It is about making the most of every day. Swimming for me is like life, it can be difficult and there is always the danger of sinking but there is also the exhilaration, the weightlessness and the freedom.”

How to enter:

Please email your answer to chloe@DegreeArt.comThere are two prizes of £100.00 art vouchers for the most imaginative answers that will be chosen by the artist herself. 

Deadline: 27th August 2012.
Winners will be notified by the 3rd of September.








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